Saturday, August 30, 2008

Where to Buy Exotic Noodler's

Places to Purchase Non-US Noodler's:
(I have no affiliation with any of these places)

Noodler's Blue Upon the Plains of Abraham (Canadian Exclusive)

Noodler's Coral Sea Blue (Australian Exclusive)
(it doesn't appear on their website, but someone reported purchasing it from there)

Noodler's Prime of the Commons Blue-Black (UK Exclusive)

Noodler's Prussian Blue (German Exclusive)
(email Rolf Thiel at to order)

Noodler's Singapore Series (Singapore Exclusives)
(email to order)

Noodler's Stockholm Indigo (Swedish Exclusive)

Noodler's Taiwan Series (Taiwan Exclusives)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ink Obsession

General Note: items in this color have been traded away/sold

Ink I Own (bottled, unless otherwise noted) (updated 8/1/09):

J. Herbin
• Bleu Myosotis
• Bleu Pervenche
• Diabolo Menthe (5 cartridges)
• Eclat de Saphir
Encre Rouge, "Les Subtiles" (rose scented)
• Larmes de Cassis
• Lierre Sauvage
• Orange Indien
Poussière de Lune
• Rose Cyclamen (also 4 cartridges)
• Rose Tendresse (2 cartridges)
• Vert Empire
Vert Pré
• Violette Pensée


Inks in general circulation (bulletproof or eternal)
• Kung Te-Cheng
• La Reine Mauve
• Periwinkle
• X-Feather

Baystate Series (waterproof)

• Baystate Blue

Electric Series/Highlighter Inks
• Atlantic Salmon
• Georgia Peach
• Hellfire
• Lightning Blue
• St. Patty's Eire
• Year of the Golden Pig (bulletproof)

FPN Exclusive (bulletproof)
• FPN Galileo Manuscript Brown

JetPens Exclusive (bulletproof, "security" ink [color-changing])
• Manijiro Nakahama Whaleman's Sepia

Pendemonium Exclusives (bulletproof)
• Legal Lapis
• The Violet Vote (aka Iraqi Indigo)

Polar Series (bulletproof)
• Polar Blue (Winter 2006 Edition)

Russian Eternal Series (bulletproof)
• Lermontov
• Rachmaninov

Singapore Series (bulletproof)
• Esplanade
• Honourable Blue
• Judicial Black
• Lotus Grace
• Majestic Orange
• Peranakan Brown
• Samsui Red
• Sentosa Tranquility
• Singapore Sepia
• Singapore Sling
• Spirit of Bamboo
• Vanda Miss Joaquim

Swisher Pens Exclusives (bulletproof)
• Dragon Catfish Series Highlighter Inks
- Green
- Orange
- Pink
• Verdun Green

UK Exclusive (bulletproof, contract "security" ink [color changing])
• Prime of the Commons Blue-Black

UK Series (bulletproof)
• Empire Red

V-Mail Series (some have a bit of water resistance)
• Burma Road Brown
• GI Green
• Mandalay Maroon
• Midway Blue
• North African Violet
• Operation Overland Orange
• Rabaul Red

• Blue

Private Reserve
• Foam Green
Purple Haze
• Shell Pink

Ink Samples I've Received:

• Coral
• Imperial Purple

J. Herbin
• Amber de Birmanie
• Bleu Pervenche
• Bouquet d'Antan
• Gris Nuage
• Larmes de Cassis
• Orange Indien
Poussière de Lune
• Vert Empire
• Violette Pensée

Noodler's (Bulletproof/Eternal/100% Waterproof unless otherwise noted)
Aircorp Blue-Black (near-bulletproof)
• Aquamarine
• Bank Note Green
• Baystate Blue
• Black
• Blue Ghost
• Britannia's Blue Waves
• Burgundy (75% waterproof)
• Concord Grape (some water resistance)
• Dumas Tulipe Noire (FPN) (not waterproof)
• El Lawrence
• Ellis Island Blue-Black
• Glacier Blue (75% waterproof)
• Green Marine (near-bulletproof)
• Gulf Stream Blue
• Heart of Darkness
• Highland's Heather
• Hunter Green
• Iraqi Indigo/The Violet Vote
• Kiowa Pecan (near-bulletproof)
• Lakeshore Spruce (75% waterproof)
• Legal Blue
• Luxury Blue
• Mata Hari's Cordial (new formulation)
• Naval Orange
• Navy (near-bulletproof)
• Old Manhattan Black
• Polar Black (original formula, discontinued)
• Pushkin
• Royal Aztec
• Socrates
• Starry Night Blue (FPN) (some water resistance)
• Stockholm Indigo
• Upper Ganges Blue
• Verdun Green
• Victoria's Royal Mint (new formulation)
• Tahitian Pearl (75% waterproof)
• The Whiteness of the Whale
• X-Feather
• Zhivago (near-bulletproof)

Pilot Iroshizuku
• Yama Budo

Pending Ink Sample Trades:

Rohrer & Klingner
• Alt-Goldgrün

Ink Sample Wish List:

• The Sun Never Sets
• Coral Sea Blue
• possibly other colorful bulletproof/eternal/waterproof ink, especially non-US market inks

Inks on "Must Have" List:

• I'm sure I'll think of something soon! :-)