Thursday, January 1, 2009

FPN Review: Noodler's Majestic Orange (Singapore Series)

(Here's a link to my first FPN review!)

Here's a review of Noodler's Majestic Orange (thanks to penguinmaster for the review template!):

This ink is from Noodler's Singapore Series. It's billed as bulletproof, though I haven't tested its waterproofness or UV-fastness, etc.

(click on picture to enlarge)

The handwritten sample was written on HP 32# Premium Laserjet paper with a Sensa Meridian gold-plated nib, custom ground to an XF 0.3mm round point.

Drying time: pretty good for a Noodler's bulletproof ink. As you can see, there wasn't much smudging after 10 seconds.

Flow: good flow--doesn't gush, but is definitely not on the stingy side. It starts up immediately even after leaving it unused in the pen for a week or more. It also performs well while writing, and doesn't dry up in the nib while you pause.

Feathering/Bleedthrough: I tried this ink on many different papers (Rhodia, Clairefontaine, Pentalic, Alvin Saray, Apica, Derwent, hand*book, Pen+Ink, Exacompta). There was no feathering on most of these papers--the Rhodia, Apica, Pentalic had a very, very tiny bit of feathering (like a tiny stray bump every few words or so), but most people probably wouldn't notice it. I'm a bit obsessive about feathering. There wasn't any bleedthough that I could detect (if by bleedthrough you mean dotting the next page). There was a little bit of show-through on the reverse side of the page in thinner paper such as Apica (though less than some other Noodler's bulletproofs like Upper Ganges Blue).

Shading: very little on any paper I tried. I only use XF Sensa Meridians, so I have no experience with other pens/nibs.

I'm not sure I'd use this ink to write a novel--it'd be a bit hard to read that much text in this color. I use it for journal entries and margin notes. It's a nice, strong orange without being too reddish (it looks redder on my monitor than it does in real life). In fact, now that I look at my Rhodia pad, it's not that dissimilar from the orange cover of the stapled graph paper pad. How's that for a frame of reference!


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Kooky Chick said...

Yup! :-) Instead of using "perspicacious," I was playing off of the word "percipient," from the Latin "percipiens." (The word "perspicacious" sounds too much like
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