Monday, April 13, 2009

Update (of sorts) on Exacompta Basics Tan Lined Journal

Here's the Exacompta Basics Tan Lined Journal that I reviewed a few months ago, after a toddler got a hold of it with some markers.... :-) I had him test out the journal, so I could see if the paper could stand up to his current artistic style.

(Click on pictures to enlarge.)

No feathering, but some smudging (especially the turquoise and purple at the top of the page), as the toddler's hand rubbed across the page while drawing. (After seeing that his hand was getting ink on it, he subsequently held the markers a little higher, and didn't rub his hand on the page.)

And yes, the bright green in the upper left corner is Noodler's St. Patty's Eire, in a Platinum Preppy highlighter. :-D

Reverse side of the page. No bleedthrough, and not much showthrough, especially considering how many layers of dark, wet marker went on the page!

It was love at first sight for the toddler with this journal--he grunted happily and ecstatically pointed at the gold gilding on the edges. I tried to have him test out the medium Piccadilly notebook I'd brought as well, but after seeing the Exacompta journal, he would have none of it! Apparently, he has very refined taste in notebooks! ;-)


Anonymous said...

What a great way to test a notebook! Did he request payment for his services? ;)

Kooky Chick said...

:-D Yes, the payment is forthcoming. Now that I know the paper can stand up to his artwork, I'm going to get him one of these in the blank sketchbook version, with a Madeira leatherette cover!