Monday, June 8, 2009

Doane Paper Idea Journal Giveaway!

@dowdyism on Twitter is giving away THREE of the new Doane Paper Idea Journals on his blog, The Pen Addict! Hurry, contest ends on Wednesday, 11:59PM EDT!

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Ăntômì said...

I totally missed this while I was busy being down and moping. =[ btw, thx for your tweet, Kooky. Can't wait to see how your Tank pens compare to my 78Gs! Remember the Kung Te-Cheng ink I always complain about in *all* my pens for being too wide, too feathery, etc.? Now it writes too dry and too fine in that 78G! Due to the extreme results, it's still not one of my favorite inks.

OMG, I should send you one of these drug-rep Protonix pads so you could try. I've been using them to write snail mail, and they are SO fountain-pen friendly; I wish they made a notebook out of that paper.