Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Vanishing Point Fountain Pen!

Just got a new Vanishing Point fountain pen today! Well, it's new to me, anyway. ;-)

My new VP is a faceted version from the 1990's, in dark green. I'd put a pic up, except that it's soaking right now--there was dried ink residue still inside it.

Here's a pic of the ink bottle that came with it, though. I'm used to the rather utilitarian Noodler's bottles, or the cute little J. Herbin bottles, so this shape was quite a surprise to me! I like it--it reminds me of the type of bottles from which genies are supposed to emerge. Hmm...I wonder if I rubbed it....nah. :-D

Can't wait to try out my latest acquisition! I've never had a VP before (or a squeeze filler, for that matter), so this should be an experience! :-)

Now, which ink should I put in it, first??


sircram said...

Private Reserve Belvet Black, if you have any.

Sam said...

Aurora black or J Herbin Lierre Sauvage - just my two cents! ;) Can't wait to see the VP!

bleubug said...

Congratulations. I like the faceted VPs much more than the later models. I've wanted one for a while. Hope you enjoy it!

Kooky Chick said...

Thanks, everyone! I wound up putting Noodler's/Pendemonium's The Violet Vote in it. The flow is excellent, and hasn't been creeping on the nib! (I know it doesn't match the pen barrel, but I got a little crazy. ;-)