Monday, May 18, 2009

New Rhodia Webnotebooks Coming Soon!

It appears that the much-anticipated Rhodia Webnotebooks will hit the US very soon! :-) It's currently being previewed at the National Stationery Show, but will be in retail outlets soon.

However, some retailers are selling the older version of the Webnotebooks, and calling them "new." The "old" Webnotebooks have 80 gsm paper, which was made in Singapore or Japan, but wasn't the standard Rhodia/Clairefontaine paper. The "new" US versions will have 90 gsm Clairefontaine paper.

See this post on for more information!


Anonymous said...

You can currently purchase the Rhodia webnotebooks at NoteMaker
With delivery to the US. Good for the interim I guess.
Love your blog

Kooky Chick said...

Thank you for the tip and the kind words! :-) It's always good to hear about alternate sources for notebooks! They also have the super-cool Penguin notebooks--I love their covers! :-D appears to have the 80 gsm paper (non-Clairefontaine) in their Webnotebooks, but it comes with a ribbon (which I'm unclear if the US versions will have or not). So if the ribbon is important (which it is to many people), this is a great source! Thanks again for letting me know! :-)

Anonymous said...

I looked, and they said that the new one would have a bookmark whose color would match the cover (a choice between orange and black).

Kooky Chick said...

Great catch! You're absolutely right! That's exciting news--I love the Quo Vadis Habanas, but they would be even better with an attached ribbon bookmark. I currently use a decorative piece of blotting paper as a bookmark for the Habana, but a ribbon would be much appreciated!

Thanks for the clarification!