Thursday, May 21, 2009

Water Resistance Test of Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 0.3mm Refills

Just a few photos! Sorry the light's so dim, but it's the best I can do--school is keeping me too busy during actual daylight hours! :-(

Got the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto multipen 3-refill body, and filled it with 0.3mm refills (Apple Green, Violet, and Pink). @rcannonp on Twitter mused about how some Pilot ink had poor water resistance, while others might not be so bad. Since I'm desperately procrastinating, I decided to snap a few pics before and after a dash of water!

Here's the pen:

And a writing sample with each ink color. I let it dry for about 36 hours.

Here's the same writing sample immediately after running it under cold tap water for 15 seconds. The ink ran a little, but it was still reasonably legible.

Here's the same piece of paper, after sitting for ~30 minutes:

Yes, my camera skills leave something to be desired, but this isn't entirely my fault this time! The ink spread and became more difficult to read after sitting for a while. And it's not a camera trick--the purple is separating, leaving a bluish "shadow," almost like having double vision. The Apple Green is pretty difficult to read, and is not quite legible anymore. The pink isn't too bad--it's blurry, but legible. The purple makes my eyes cross, due to the stereo effect.... :-O

So, there you have it! Looks like the pink ink wouldn't be bad if you spilled some water or got caught in a light rain. The other two didn't fare as well, but you could still read it if you really tried (especially immediately after the spill).

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